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Reflections of Gratitude for our SurePods Family

On Tuesday, friends and family come together from all over the world, ringing in 2020 and remembering the blessings of 2019. In the spirit of celebration and thankfulness, we at SurePods want to take a moment and say thank you to our incredible team.

Contrary to what many may think when they hear “pre-fab manufacturing,” our Orlando-based factory is not swarming with robots – people are just as vital (if not more) to the successful completion of a modular bathroom as their automated counterparts. From our designers and engineers, to our specialists, operators, managers and more, our team consists of smart and savvy problem-solvers who take ownership of their crucial part of the prefabrication process. Whatever stage of manufacturing they’re involved with, they bring a discerning eye, ensuring that the concept or product stands up to strict quality standards.

We’re also thankful for our administrative professionals, leadership, sales team and more, who lead the charge in advocating for modular methods. While often faced with contractors, developers and architects unsure about changing the way they build, these teams bring a new way of thinking about construction to the forefront by sharing the cost-saving, superior quality benefits of prefabrication.

At SurePods, we consider ourselves a family. In everything we do, we work together as a team, valuing collaboration and everyone’s individual voice. Employees’ ideas on how to improve processes, increase efficiencies and rethink materials are celebrated, fostering a culture of inclusion, while keeping with the philosophy of continual improvement.

And to our clients who have further become part of our extended SurePods family, we thank you for being on the cutting edge of technology right there with us. We look forward to accomplishing great things together in the coming year!


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