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Residential Market Rapid Growth for SurePods

With Covid having slowed down several of SurePods key markets, including hospitality, it has been refreshing to see the continued pace of development in the multi-unit residential market, which includes Apartments, Student Housing and Assisted Living facilities. SurePods has completed or has in process almost 2,000 prefabricated bathrooms for this market since 2019.

As the country has begun to figure out how to cope with Covid over the summer, we have physically hosted several large multi-family developers for plant tours as travel has re-commenced. We have been able to accommodate these teams for tours so they could fully see our unique manufacturing process in person. Added precautions have been set in place to keep everyone safe while in our factory and our entire facility follows all CDC and state of FL health and safety guidelines.

The key question on everyone’s mind now is how to continue to develop new properties while maintaining new safety guidelines. SurePods prefabricated bathroom pods and other products are a natural solution to the challenges of Covid by moving substantial portions of construction projects offsite where they can be fabricated in a more controlled, safer environment. Further, we have listened to our clients and come up with cost effective solutions for this market regardless of where on the spectrum of development the clients live, such as market rate, affordable, student housing, luxury or other.

SurePods added value to Residential Market:

Accelerating the Project Schedule: SurePods is known to compress project schedules by up to 4 months. This brings the owner faster to revenue generation and decreases their carrying cost of debt.

Solving the Labor Crisis: Eliminating 100+ hours off the jobsite per pod and takes 8-12 trades out of a small space. This will help de-risk your jobsite with Covid.

Superior Quality: Our pods are repetitive, and factory controlled with automation. Each pod goes through a final 120-point quality assurance inspection before being wrapped for shipment.

Drastically Reducing your Punch List: By doing so will eliminate a position to manage punch. An additional time savings for the Architect and Owner Rep too.

SurePods is excited by the growth in the Multi-Unit Residential Market and we want to do our part to support the safe and economical resumption of construction across the nation.

If you are a national developer or contractor involved in multi-family construction and have a project that would make a great fit for pods, please reach out to us to schedule your SurePods factory tour in sunny Orlando, FL today. You can start by booking a virtual appointment with a SurePods Team member to get all of your questions answered. Book Here


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