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Seven Years Later, SurePods Still Wow

Prefabricated bathrooms save time and money in commercial builds, but how well do they hold up in a real-world setting?

We caught up with Gary Fennell, Director of Facilities & Construction for Plamondon Hospitality Partners, to see how SurePods bathroom pods have withstood the wear and tear of seven years and 2,000 guests at The Courtyard by Marriott in Hagerstown, Maryland. And really, the product speaks for itself!

In the video, Fennell sets the scene, saying, “It was 2010 and the viability of contractors was something to be very concerned about, and it’s not just plumbers. We counted that there’s 14 or 15 different trades that are in these bathrooms. It gave us a lot of peace of mind to know that component was going to be done and done right.” From the start, SurePods’ quality helped pave the way for future success by eliminating punch work in the bathroom and poor, rushed workmanship at the end of the project.

What had us the most excited, though, was hearing that even after seven years, SurePods continue to wow. While SurePods saved about 60 days on the initial hospitality project construction schedule, Fennel shares how the time savings continue. During the hotel’s current set of routine upgrades, “We are shaving about two days off of our renovation for every floor (…) because of the fact that the bathrooms really held up well.” And with those two floors, Fennel and company “haven’t found one room that has had an issue with any damage, or mold or any of the things that we find all the time.”

We’ll take a closer look at modular bathroom pods’ mold-resistance next week, but for now, sit back, relax and behold the staying power of SurePods!

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