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Spotlight on Dormitory Projects

In recent years, dormitories have evolved to be more than just a basic place to sleep and study. The demand for quality and intentional school housing design has become increasingly important in the context of creating a stronger residential community that supports greater academic experiences. This means areas that have historically fallen by the wayside in terms of quality are now receiving special attention. In light of this, the demand for well-designed bathrooms within student housing is steadily rising. As more campuses lean into elevating the quality of dormitory bathrooms, one industry that is stepping up to the challenge is prefabricated building.

Prefab bathroom pods are perfectly suited for the features of student housing complexes, bringing high design to repetitive layouts. From enhancing quality on large scale operations to assisting schools with environmentally conscious construction, modular bathrooms work to support higher education. At SurePods, we’re no stranger to their value-add in dormitory and learning center projects. Here’s a look at a few of our recent success stories.

Florida Atlantic University

As a part of the newly developed “innovation village,” the new student residential facilities at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) aim to enhance the traditional university experience for students with originative dormitories. With this in mind, the university enlisted SurePods to prefabricate 700-bathroom pods designed to match their innovative goals with units that remain consistent in quality even when produced on a larger scale.

KPMG Lakehouse

Located on Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida, the KPMG Lakehouse is a state-of-the-art learning center designed for people who want to come and continue their professional development in a relaxing and luxurious setting. The non-traditional campus contains 800 single-occupancy rooms, each outfitted with a SurePods modular bathroom unit that reinforces comfort and the quality education guests will receive during their time at the KPMG Lakehouse.

University of Tampa

Named the outstanding project of the year in the category of LEED for new construction in higher education, Jenkins Hall Dorm at the University of Tampa is a champion of environmental construction. For this project, SurePods was able to support the university’s green building goals by supplying 250 bathrooms using modular prefabrication. The prefab approach affords more precise construction, tighter joints and better air filtration, which allows for better wall insulation and an increase in energy efficiency.

Have an upcoming campus project? If you think SurePods would be a great fit for your new student housing complex, let’s talk. Contact us at: [email protected]


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