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Standardizing Healthcare Bathrooms with Prefabricated Pods

Healthcare networks are working towards a standardized approach of design and constructability across their facilities. Prefabricated, modular bathroom pods can play a critical role in this process. Compared to traditional building methods, these technologically advanced bathroom pods present a sustainable, reliable, cost-effective option. They will maximize facilities’ potential by shrinking project timelines while achieving the highest quality product.

Stakeholders at every level will be able to experience the short- and long-term benefits of building with pods. From architects, contractors, and manufacturers to end-users such as patients, doctors, nurses, and more, all can now leverage the proven benefits of prefabrication into healthcare environments.

The ingredients to build advanced healthcare bathroom pods are now readily available and ever-forward. Anti-fatigue fixtures, distribution rack structures, and other specialized features and technology can all exist in a clean, safe environment. In addition, pod integration can directly impact facility staff members by creating familiar, repetitive environments and system layouts, creating a more efficient, successful operation.

Each prefabricated bathroom pod is manufactured in a safe, controlled, efficient environment with rigorous quality control. Detailed pod measurements, materials, and testing are all recognized for the basis of design, minimizing potential error and product defects. Previous issues like sourcing materials and replacement parts can be solved early, leading to a seamless design process and execution. Using these design methods makes an accelerated construction schedule achievable, saving 10% or 2-4 months compared to traditional construction.

Manufactured bathroom pods result in faster design cycles and the 6D BIM, or integrated BIM, providing data that will eventually help improve overall facility operations. We can even achieve a consistent design aesthetic across any healthcare entity with all these factors in mind. The SurePods team works alongside the architects and design team so that each facility can maintain its unique basis of design.

Building with bathroom pods maximizes time and cost efficiency while positively impacting healthcare facility staff and patients. SurePods is dedicated to embracing this mindset by developing reliable, innovative prefabricated modular bathrooms – the pods of the future.

To learn more about how bathroom pods can improve your design and build processes, please message us on our Contact Page!


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