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SurePods at Banner Desert Medical Center

In 2020, Banner Desert Medical Center selected SurePods as the bathroom pod manufacturer for their newest expansion project. The new five-story tower consists of 150 custom SurePods bathroom pods, scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2023.

Banner Health is a nonprofit healthcare system with 29 locations in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming. Their wide range of facilities and care services are highly rated - the U.S. News ranked six separate Banner medical centers as Arizona’s Top Ten Best Hospitals, with Banner Desert at number seven.

SurePods and Banner Health created a unique basis of design for this project. After finalizing the bathroom layout, materials, and fixtures, SurePods manufactured the repeating design, significantly saving material cost and production time. SurePods used this bathroom template for new local Banner Health facilities.

Presently, SurePods has completed Banner Desert’s bathroom pod production and will complete installation over the next couple of weeks. SurePods supplied bathroom pods in batches to the job site, as requested by the project leaders. Once delivered, pods were flown to their designated floor and prepped for installation. Depressed slab spaces, a unique feature for this project, were constructed for each pod’s designated area. Once installed, the pods will be lower than the surrounding room’s flooring, creating a level doorway for easy accessibility.

Banner Health Gateway in Gilbert, Arizona, also selected SurePods as the project's bathroom pod manufacturer. This latest expansion, opening in 2023, includes 80 custom bathroom pods with the Banner Health basis of design. Our pods are proven to accelerate project timelines, which is critical in the healthcare industry, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. SurePods manufactures superior quality and reliable products that top-rated healthcare facilities implement into their latest construction projects.

For more information on SurePods in the healthcare industry, check out our Project Portfolio.

If you’re a contractor or developer and want to learn how modular bathroom pods can benefit your next project, connect with us at


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