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SurePods at the Legoland Hotel

In celebration of National Lego Day on January 28th, this week's project spotlight is the Legoland Hotel in Goshen, New York. SurePods manufactured 252 custom bathroom pods for the hotel that opened late last year. The Legoland Hotel in New York is the largest Legoland park and the first major theme park to open in the area in 40 years! The park and hotel cover 150 acres, sitting within 500 acres of property.

Last year, due to COVID-19 barriers, the construction industry faced significant delays. From manufacturers to suppliers and builders, everyone experienced setbacks. However, because of SurePods’ manufacturing processes and quick timing, prefabrication manufacturing methods were not as heavily impacted as traditional build approaches.

Legoland’s leaders specially selected SurePods for this new hotel project. The prefabricated bathroom pod process is proven to reduce project timelines by 10% (~2-4 months) or more and eliminate punch lists. The hospitality industry relies on opening projects as soon as possible because the guests directly influence the profits.

In addition, the Legoland Hotel also faced COVID-19 social distancing barriers, which are particularly strict in New York. SurePods simplifies projects as a single source manufacturer and eliminates 8-12 trades compared to the traditional construction approach. Fewer trades mean fewer people on a job site, which was what Legoland’s hotel project required.

Although COVID-19 delays were a primary barrier for this project, SurePods produced 252 bathroom pods according to Legoland’s basis of design at the highest quality. After the pods were delivered and installed successfully, the Legoland Hotel added different accents and decorations to correlate with the hotel’s overall aesthetic and give their guests the best experience!

To learn more about how bathroom pods can improve your design and build processes, please message us on our Contact Page!


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