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SurePods celebrates 10 years in Healthcare

We are humbled to build hospital patient bathroom pods for the Healthcare industry the past 10 years. We’ve grown leaps and bounds over the years, honing in on the exact unique needs of each project.

Why do Healthcare Networks prefer Prefab Pods over traditional construction?

Quality Control

  • Digital modeling tied to robotic fabrication for exacting tolerances, incredibly helpful in the precon design-assist phase

  • Mockups to visualize exactly what they want to make sure they get it right the first time

  • Assurance that every unit will be manufactured to the same quality level as the first article that the client reviews before production commences


  • Waterproof ceiling

  • Mold, moisture and abuse resistant wallboard

  • Machine sloped floors for exact slope design to drains.

  • Anti-bacterial and ability to focus on infection control

  • Superior blocking

  • Rigorous Quality Control Process in the factory

  • Solves Labor Crisis

For a complete list and more information, view here:

Hospital Patient Bathroom
Download • 1.62MB

At SurePods, we are excited to continue in the Healthcare industry, adding 10 more years and many more years of a solid partnership. We are privileged to in supporting the health, wellness and safety of all those that step into those walls.

Discuss your next hospital project with us, contact us at [email protected] to start the conversation.


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