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SurePods Close-up: Delivering on Simplicity

Some of the simplest things in life bring the greatest joy. From popping bubble wrap and running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day, to watching a stunning sunset unfold — simplicity is something to embrace.

The concept of simplicity has become a focus for many businesses, manufacturers included. With a more refined approach to production, architects and contractors can simplify project management, overcome labor concerns and speed up project timelines. For example, the prefabrication process is specifically designed to ease complications associated with building design, construction and installation.

Simplifying the design process

With SurePods and other prefabrication manufacturers, design teams work with a single point of contact starting at pre-construction and ending once the project is complete. By working with one expert all the way through, it’s easier for both sides to communicate without the confusion that comes from multiple touchpoints. Such communication is key during the design phase, as it prevents delays brought on by misunderstanding.

In further efforts to streamline pre-construction, SurePods utilizes Revit for BIM to create a 3D image of the modular bathroom pod. Not only does the model help with the design decision-making process, but it also ensures that everyone is working from the same point of reference. What’s more, BIM enables architects to easily plug the pre-fab model directly into their overall design.

Simplification on the factory floor

Simplicity additionally reigns on the factory floor, offering a solution to the labor shortage crisis that continues to plague the industry. Since pre-fab factories heavily rely on machines and automation, there are fewer workers on-site, resulting in a reduced need for site supervision. Instead of eight to 12 trades confined to a singular bathroom pod, the building process is spread out over multiple steps, with fewer workers involved per step.

As well, prefabrication sites are generally safer thanks to less moving parts; cleaner due to less material waste; and offer better working conditions with their controlled, indoor environments free from unpredictable weather. All of these factors make pre-fabricators like SurePods an attractive option for budding manufacturers.

Modular methods also make installation easy. For instance, SurePods can install and deliver up to 30 units per day, as crews:

  1. Remove the finished pods from delivery trucks with specialized moving equipment

  2. Operate cranes or hoists to lift the pre-fab bathrooms into place inside the building

  3. Let mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) trade workers handle hookups once mechanical stacks and floor-to-floor fire ratings are complete

This plug-and-play process greatly minimizes installation time. In addition, since the pods are largely forged by machines for dimensional accuracy and arrive at the site in excellent condition, the punch list is significantly reduced. With time-consuming rework taken out of the equation, construction teams can save weeks on the job site.

At SurePods, we take pleasure in this simplicity of installation, along with the refined design and construction of one of the most complicated building components – the bathroom. Learn more about our surety of simplicity by contacting us at: [email protected].


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