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SurePods Close-up – How a Prefab Approach Can Keep Projects Moving, Rain or Shine

The construction industry remains one of the most vulnerable sectors to extreme weather conditions. With the industry’s strong reliance on outdoor labor, inclement weather like high winds, heavy rains, and lightning storms can negatively impact a project’s productivity and feasibility, causing delays. In fact, one study reports, “Forty five percent of all construction projects are affected, to some degree, by weather, resulting in billions of dollars in additional costs worldwide, on an annual basis.”

To keep projects moving and on schedule, contractors and developers can turn to prefabricated building methods. Starting in a controlled factory environment and extending to the jobsite, prefab can help mitigate exposure to weather and prevent costly delays.

Resisting the elements in-house

While traditional construction is subject to nature’s timeline, the prefabricated building process takes place in-house and can continue regardless of what the weather is like outside. For example, at SurePods, our quality prefabricated bathroom pods are built from the ground up in a controlled factory environment. This allows our production team to remain unaffected by weather delays. The prefab process also keeps pods away from exposure to other environmental hazards like moisture and mold, improving product outcomes. Additionally, since the inside of our modular factories all remain at consistent temperatures, prefab crews are not only protected from the potentially dangerous elements, but they are also supported with an ideal, well-lit and comfortable working climate.

Alleviating the effects of harsh weather onsite

Since building in areas with extreme weather conditions can cause projects to lose valuable and costly time each day, prefabricated bathroom pods present a significant advantage onsite. SurePods modular bathrooms are built in an isolated setting that allows building to continue in congruence with the prefabricated process. Once the bathroom pods are built, they are wrapped in waterproof and weatherproof packaging. They can be stored out of the elements or delivered to the jobsite when the building is being erected. When it’s time for installation, the pods are loaded into the center of each room fully wrapped and elevated until the building is dry. They are then unwrapped and inspected before being pushed into their final position. This alleviates both material and time constraints onsite by creating a cleaner and safer worker environment while enabling project teams to cut down on labor time.

If you’re looking to mitigate the effects of harsh weather on your upcoming project, let’s chat! [email protected]


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