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SurePods Close Up - Making the Most of Modular for Multifamily Projects

What do apartments, university dormitories and assisted living facilities have in common? In most instances, a high volume of repeatable units.

In a recent feature on the rise of modular construction, Building Design + Construction (BD+C) acknowledges that “for developers, the rising cost of traditional construction is intersecting with the shrinking cost of modular, making the latter more appealing than ever.”

This is especially true when it comes to bathroom units, which typically require the complex coordination of hiring and scheduling 8 - 12 construction trades ranging from plumbing, electrical, painting, tiling and drywall. As multi-unit housing developers look to innovative solutions to make up for lost time in 2020, modular methods continue to deliver.

Below are three ways SurePods prefabricated modular bathrooms can support developers and contractors looking to make the most of modular construction for multi-unit housing projects:

Accelerating Construction Timelines

“The basic concepts of modular design are not new,” continues BD+C, noting that prefabrication has “been hailed for decades as a solution to inefficiencies, drawn-out timelines and rising construction costs.” SurePods is known for accelerating construction schedules by 10% or more by eliminating bathroom punch lists, which often results in faster revenue generation for multifamily housing projects – prospective residents can sign leases and move in earlier.

Optimizing Material and Labor Resources

Thanks to the precision manufacturing afforded by a factory-controlled setting, material waste is largely eliminated. Bringing construction indoors to a climate-controlled setting also offers a more comfortable, safer work environment. SurePods’ multitude of automated systems contribute to the unmatched efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Eliminating the Bathroom Punch List

In most multi-unit projects, bathroom reworks account for about 60% of punch lists. Prefabricating bathroom pods offsite not only eliminates the coordination of multiple trades, but also eliminates the enormous risk of damaging previously completed work. This keeps quality high and projects moving.

If you’re a developer or contractor involved in multi-family construction and have a project that would make a great fit for pods, let’s talk. Contact us at [email protected].


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