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SurePods Close-up: On the Assembly Line

A lot has changed since we first started producing SurePods bathroom pods back in 2004. Picture field-built bathroom building, plus a roof overhead. Over time, we’ve paired modern machines with skilled, cross-trained employees in a controlled factory environment to deliver on speed, superior quality, simplicity and safety.

We invite you to come along with us for an in-depth look at this automated and people-powered assembly line and experience the SurePods factory advantage firsthand. Our manufacturing process is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Pre-construction & computer modeling

Before we get to the assembly line, we meet with the architect to hammer out the bathroom pod design. Our team then works natively in Revit for BIM to put together a 3D model of the modular unit. This allows all sides to visualize the design and make any needed adjustments prior to production. 

Once the design team has finalized all decisions, the engineered 3D model translates into machine code for the machines on the manufacturing floor. Now, we’re ready to see the process in action!

Step 2: On the assembly line

Look out onto the SurePods factory, and you’ll see production robots at work. The 3D model coding drives all of the lean machinery, such as automated CNC machines, controlled with Intel SBC’s and other components. These machines fabricate many SurePods production pieces, cutting every component with laser precision. In fact, all bathrooms are within 3/8″ tolerance on all dimensions.

Let’s take our in-house rolled metal studs, for example. We have our very own stud roll former, which rolls over 1 5/8″ studs and pre-punches the metal for all of the screw holes. This ensures a largely full-proof outcome and only leaves the task of snapping the material together.

People are also on the floor working alongside robots. For instance, following along with the metal stud process, once the machine produces the components, a person takes over, fitting the metal together and then gluing along the framework. It goes together almost like Legos. We glue and screw all of our wallboards to our studs for maximum strength and durability.

Depending on the job, it takes between 5 to 8 working days to complete a SurePods unit versus field built taking sometimes up to several months. Importantly, accelerated construction translates into time and cost savings.

Step 3: Quality control

With skilled workers freed up from repetitive labor, they can focus on quality control. At every manufacturing station, people inspect materials utilizing a customized checklist. The 120-point inspection includes items such as electrical tests, plumbing line pressure testing in accordance with state and local codes, and examining the fit and finish of all fixtures.

The end result? A high-quality, superior level of craftsmanship thanks to people and machinery working together.

Ready to put our assembly line to work for you? Contact Us Today!


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