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SurePods Delivers Pods for Residence Inn and Full-service Marriott Hotel

Out Of The Gate: SurePods Delivers Pods For Lexington, Kentucky, Dual Branded Full-Service and Residence Inn Marriott Hotel

In the green, rolling farmlands of northern Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region, trainers prepare their thoroughbred horses for races near and far. At the sound of the starting gun, those horses will thunder down the track toward the finish line.

In the heart of this region lies fast-growing Lexington, Kentucky, where both a full-service Marriott Hotel and a Residence Inn are racing toward a 2019 finish. Helping the Lexington Marriott City Center Hotel down the track, in September SurePods delivered modular bathrooms for the luxury property.

The Lexington Marriott City Center Hotel project will join a Residence Inn tower with a Full-Service Hotel. In the center of the two properties, there is a shared courtyard, Lexington City Center in a new downtown development, as part of a dual-branded Marriott offering. The two hotels will add room capacity for a burgeoning business and leisure destination that draws horse fanciers, bourbon aficionados and others looking for some Kentucky hospitality.

Marriott is bullish on modular construction, as it helps speed completion of projects while ensuring exceptionally finished bathrooms for guests. By reducing bathroom rework and compressing the punch list, SurePods modular bathrooms help hotel developers open up to six months earlier. “You don’t have four or five trades tripping over each other trying to build a bathroom,” says Ralph Coldiron, Lexington City Center project coordinator for The Webb Companies. “The bathrooms are finished. All we have to do is plug them, and they’re ready to go.”

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