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SurePods dives deep into healthcare

One ray of light for SurePods in the very trying year of 2020 has been the rapid expansion of our business into Healthcare construction. While other verticals such as Hospitality have suffered due to the lockdowns and lack of tourism, Healthcare has taken this opportunity to add capacity across the country.

SurePods had already completed over 2,000 hospital bathrooms for 6 hospitals prior to 2020, and now has over 1,600 additional hospital bathroom pods in some stage of production or pre-con for 9 new hospitals in 5 different US states. An incredible milestone that we can celebrate while also recognizing the additional anniversary landmark of our entry into the Healthcare market 10 years ago. Healthcare networks have proven to be the leaders in adoption of modular / prefab techniques as a means of controlling their costs, quality and construction schedule, while reducing labor and disturbances on existing hospital campuses.

Several of the healthcare networks we support have even taken their designs further by standardizing patient bathroom designs systemwide across multiple new hospital construction projects to assist both maintenance and clinical teams and reduce orientation issues as staff shift between hospitals. Industrialized Construction at its finest!

This week we have the great opportunity to participate in our first HCD Virtual Conference. We are grateful to be a part of this, even with it only being virtual and not in person. It’s exciting to meet new people and help others learn how SurePods can help with their upcoming project.

If you have an upcoming project that you want to discuss, please reach out to us here.


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