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SurePods Launches New Website

The entire AEC industry has been challenged this year to rapidly evolve and respond to the new demands of a virtual world. SurePods has responded in kind and continues to innovate as the leading bathroom pod supplier in North America.

One of our recent changes is our new website, which can be seen here:

Our new site is cleaner, simpler, and most importantly is mobile friendly. Our goal, as always, is to allow potential clients who visit our site, regardless of their device, to be able to learn and educate themselves about our technology quickly and easily in regards to their specific projects.

We have launched our Portfolio section for our three core markets of Hospitality, Healthcare and Residential. We have included profiles of some of our larger and more recent projects in each core market with a “Fun Fact” for each of these projects, along with pictures and information.

Also, we really wanted to be more visual with videos and graphics to show how simple our process. We even took a deep dive back to our roots to show how far we have come with our history since we are the longest tenured pod company in North America.

A strong part that has stayed the same is our 4S Advantage has become a stronger need for the construction industry as we continue to step into the new normal.

  • SIMPLICITY- Single point of contact with a nationally known, innovative company

  • SAFETY- Factory controlled environment eliminates 100+ labor hours on-site per pod, means no on-site hazards and reduce waste.

  • SPEED- Open your project 2-4 months earlier than traditional construction.

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY- Repetitive and factory controlled, taking your punch work to near zero.

Take a look around! We are glad you are here. Don’t forget to contact us if you feel like pods could be a good fit for your next project.


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