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SurePods Make a Splash in Morgantown


SurePods make a splash in Morgantown! Last week, the hotel management team for a Courtyard Marriott® under construction at University Town Centre in Morgantown West Virginia held a press event highlighting the delivery of Oldcastle bathroom pods. The event was quite the success with each group from the project team represented, the new hotel’s management team, many local officials and press members in attendance. The University Town Centre hotel is the first Courtyard in Morgantown, and first in West Virginia, to reflect the brand’s newest CYnery™ public space design concept. The use of the SurePods bathrooms is a key part of the project team’s overall innovative approach. The team appreciates the ability of the bathroom pods to help condense the construction schedule, reduce on-site coordination, and comply with Marriott’s design standards.

courtyard marriott press event


The project team devised an innovative approach to both design and construction to take advantage of the spectacular piece of land the hotel is situated upon. Take a look at the view from the rear of the hotel as pictured below.

courtyard Marriott morgantown view of valley


After watching the SurePods being loaded into the guest rooms by crane in the background as they heard from many of the key players on the project team, guests were invited to don safety gear and head up inside the hotel for an up-close look inside a factory built bathroom pod. The overwhelming response was people were very impressed with not only the concept but the quality of finish they saw inside the bathroom pod.

Marriott Courtyard bathroom by Oldcastle


Many local officials and members of the press took the time to come out to the hotel project site, and hear from several members of project team including, Waller Corporation, the general contractor, Mills Group, the project architects and Westplace LLC, project owners. WBOY who was in attendance broadcasted the event on television news.


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