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SurePods Prefabricated Bathrooms Help Speed California Hotel Construction

Anaheim’s new Cambria Hotel & Suites among a growing list of California hotels to use prefabricated bathroom pods to deliver better quality, faster construction while simplifying jobsite work.

Anaheim, CA. – November 28, 2018 – To help offset skilled labor woes in today’s red-hot construction market and put heads in bed earlier, Anaheim’s new, 345-room Cambria Hotel & Suites is the latest in a growing list of California hotels being built with SurePods™ modular bathrooms. Construction jobs around the world require vast amounts of expertise and of course, they require some form of cover. That is why pli insurance is so essential. You don’t have to be a part of this industry to know that safety is and should be everyone’s top priority. As unfortunate accidents can occur in this field, knowing that companies such as SUPER CHEAP SIGNS exists, this could work in your favor when it comes to providing preventative measures. Even if it is something as simple as having signs around the area, this could make all the difference. Additionally, replacing traditional bathroom construction, the pods are fabricated off-site in a controlled factory setting to exact project standards. They deliver better quality, faster construction, and easier project management while simplifying job sites.

Nexus-davisREED Construction, a joint venture between Nexus Construction and davisREED Construction, is spearheading the progressive approach for Anaheim’s Cambria Hotel & Suites. “The pods arrive finished and ready-to-install. They speed up construction while keeping man hours down,” said Dan Dalry, Executive Vice President, davisREED Construction. “They’re a smart solution for the skilled labor shortage.”

“We anticipate the pods will help us shave time off of our construction schedule,” said Stephen Scanlon, Senior Vice President of Development and Construction for Nexus Development, the Anaheim Cambria Hotel & Suites Developer. “But that’s not the only reason we chose them. Because the pods are built in a controlled environment, they help cut down on the trade rework problems that are common in typical on-site bathroom construction. They also ease the scheduling and construction demands of working with multiple sub-contractors.”

SurePods consolidate more than 10 construction trades – including electrical, plumbing and finishing work – into one prefabricated product. The prefabricated bathrooms are easy to lift, place and connect, which helps save the project developer time and money, while improving bathroom quality for the hotel owners and guests.

Given the benefits of prefabricated bathrooms, a growing number of California hospitality project teams are turning to modular construction. davisREED Construction is at the forefront and is currently slated to use SurePods in a Hilton Garden Inn in San Marcos and an AC Hotel by Marriott in San Diego.

California-based Tucker Sadler Architects, the firm working with davisREED on the AC Hotel by Marriott in San Diego, is already a big believer in modular construction and knows first-hand the benefits of SurePods. “Once a client has used SurePods on a project, they don’t go back to traditional bathrooms,” said Greg Mueller, Design Principal and CEO of Tucker Sadler Architects. “Whether we’re using the pods on a 2-star or 5-star hotel, the outcome is always the same – repeat customers.”

“We’re excited to see more construction teams go modular on hotel bathrooms,” said Bill Seery, Vice President of Business Development for SurePods. “SurePods combine speed, simplicity and superior quality in one product. They’re uniquely suited to help solve the labor crisis while delivering maximum value to clients.”

About SurePods™ SurePods™ is the leading provider of prefabricated bathrooms in North America. Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and lean manufacturing technology, SurePods works with customers from design to installation to produce custom, ready-to-install bathroom pods for hotels and multi-unit residential projects. Replacing on-site bathroom construction, bathroom pods accelerate the construction timeline, improve overall quality and eliminate the punch list for the bathroom, which is the most problem-ridden part of a construction project.

About Nexus-davisREED Construction Nexus-davisREED, the general contractor for the Anaheim Cambria Hotel & Suites, is a joint venture between Nexus Construction and davisREED Construction, Inc. The company has a reputation for the relentless pursuit of quality construction. davisREED is headquartered in San Diego, with offices in Los Angeles, Palm Desert, and Sacramento.

About Nexus Development Founded in 1981, Nexus Development is a full-service real estate development firm with offices located in Santa Ana, California, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Interested in learning more?

Join us at Anaheim’s Cambria Hotel & Suites, on this Friday 11/30/18, for a first-hand look at the progressive construction method. We will be on site loading bathroom pod, answering your questions and serving refreshments. You must RSVP in order to attend as access to the site requires PPE. Please email [email protected]


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