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SurePods Visits Hilton Headquarters

Hilton franchisees can now find SurePods™ on the Hilton Suppliers’ Connection. When visiting the Suppliers’ Connection, note that SurePods™ are listed under the Structural Systems category. Earning a spot within the Suppliers’ Connection grants Hilton franchisees, as wells as their designers and contractors, the opportunity to learn about materials and suppliers whose products cater to the hospitality industry. A huge benefit of the Suppliers’ Connection to franchisees is that prior to inclusion, suppliers are carefully evaluated using a strict set of standards to ensure they are purchasing products and services that are worthy of being used for construction of or in daily operations of Hilton properties.

Since SurePods™ recently joined the esteemed Suppliers’ Connection, they took advantage of an ancillary opportunity once approved, to introduce their product to the Hilton design and construction team.

They loaded up a Hilton Garden Inn demo model at the factory in Orlando and shipped it up to Memphis. The demo pod was based on the Hilton Garden Inn design from a recent project SurePods™ completed in Calgary, AB. It was a great opportunity to meet some new folks and chat with others we have been fortunate enough to work with in the past. Thank you from the SurePods™ team for the opportunity and we are looking forward to working with you in the future!

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