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Building Sustainably Using Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated manufacturing is not particularly new, but the short and long-term environmental impacts have been keenly observed and recorded. The result: Building with a prefabricated approach can save time and money and provide a sustainable construction method for new and existing builds.

There has been much research detailing how exactly prefabrication can meet sustainability criteria. Prefabrication operations contribute to environmentally friendly processes in almost every phase compared to traditional construction. Reduced material waste, lower transportation energy, and durable, long-lasting products are some of the reasons why prefabrication and sustainability go hand in hand.

At SurePods, we use digital renderings to model each bathroom pod’s basis of design. After schematic finalization, the new pod files are sent directly to our CNC machines on the plant floor.

Each component is robotically cut based on the designs, starting at the studs that we roll in-house. This precise manufacturing process outputs precise-to-spec materials and significantly eliminates any material waste that traditional builds would produce.

Transportation energy reduction is also possible when using prefabricated, off-site manufacturing. “Modular construction can reduce transport emissions and other transportation-related impacts – like noise and air pollution…modular construction can reduce the total number of deliveries to sites by 90%, and decreased the average travel distance of workers to the site by 75%”. (­­

How durable are prefabricated, modular bathroom pods? Compared to building on-site, prefab structures are much more resilient and long-lasting. An organized assembly line and detailed processes ensure optimal and consistent results. In addition, there is less possibility of human error and other mistakes that could eventually compromise the bathroom pod’s integrity.

If you are considering building sustainably, why not consider modular bathroom pods? Our prefabrication approach is one of the most eco-friendly methods of construction. For more information on how SurePods can change the way you build, please visit our main webpage at



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