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Technical Spotlight #2: Prefab Bathroom Pod Delivery Facts

Welcome to our second “Technical Spotlight.” Our first post in this series debunked the myth that contractors need to increase building height when using prefab bathroom pods. This post will take a different approach, answering some of our most frequently asked questions about pre-fab bathroom pod delivery.

If you’re new to SurePods, our modular bathrooms are built in a controlled factory setting to tight tolerances. They are then trucked to the jobsite for “plug and play” installation. Because this process is so different than traditional onsite construction, GCs often have questions about pod delivery. We’ll start with one of our top-asked questions. Keep in mind the answers are meant to be a starting point for the building team. Since each project is different, from location to pod quantity, involving the prefab/modular manufacturer early in the process is critical to ensuring successful delivery outcomes. Get in touch if you’re thinking of using different container options, like these 40′ storage containers for sale, for instance.

Question: How many pods can you deliver to the jobsite at one time?

When most people think about shipping modular bathroom units, they envision one truck for every pod. It’s a complete bathroom after all! But the surprising reality is each box truck can ship four to six pods depending on what you’re willing to pay for, some companies like CSA Transportation offer “Less than Truckload” and “Truckload” services, so whether you’re wanting 1 or 6 pods, it’s all possible. We work with each building team to ensure their pod size meets our required shipping constraints (95″ wide by 108″ tall). When it’s time for delivery, our project managers use tested and approved in-house guidelines to customize and optimize shipment load plans. For example, if the pods are 8′-4″ long at their stud frame, we know it is possible to ship six pods per box truck while still maintaining adequate clear space for lift-nggate users.

By utilizing efficient loading methods, we’re able to reduce jobsite truck traffic and ensure a consistent pods to the tower cranes. In fact, with SurePods, it’s possible to deliver up to 30 pods per day.

Question: How far can you ship your bathroom pods?

You might think it i’s feasible to ship our pods to your project location. From busy cities to remote areas, we understand each building has its own set of delivery challenges. No matter where your project is located, we are happy to work with you on pod delivery. We’ve trucked pods over 2,700 miles from our central Florida plant to Calgary, Alberta, without any issues. If that’s not proof enough, we’ve even tackled the challenge of shipping internationally and meeting the dimensional requirements of ocean containers when we sent bathroom pods from our Orlando plant to the Bahamas.

No matter where your project is located, remember, early involvement is key! It helps ensure we understand your project timeline and deliverables so we can best meet your project goals.

Question: How are the bathroom pods protected during delivery?

A leading advantage of using SurePods is that they are built in a strict, quality controlled factory setting, with protection from the elements. But how exactly is their superior quality preserved during transport? Once the pods are manufactured, they are wrapped in waterproof packaging and delivered to the jobsite when the building is being erected, completely weather-proof. From manufacturing to delivery, we stand behind our surety of quality, providing a 5-year structural warranty and 1-year workmanship warranty and a 5 year no crack ceiling.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to get started and use SurePods to create higher-quality bathrooms and shave time off your construction schedule, contact us at [email protected]


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