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Technical Spotlight Guide

Our seven Technical Spotlights address critical questions related to SurePods modular bathroom units, from how to design for the prefabricated pods to the details of the installation process. Rather than having to sift through a sea of past blog posts, here’s a complete compilation of our series to date. Happy planning!

The first spotlight clarifies the dimensions needed for pod travel/setting, including details such as the space between the top of the unit’s ceiling and the bottom of the floor slab.

The second spotlight explains how a typical box truck can ship four to six pods, reducing job site traffic and ensuring a consistent flow of modular bathrooms to the tower crane.

The third spotlight details the load-in sequence — SurePods can be placed on deck before, during or after surrounding walls.

The fourth spotlight discusses the exact equipment building teams need to lift the bathrooms into place, while providing load capacity and reach requirements.

The fifth spotlight eases concerns around mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) issues, which is no more a concern than with site-built bathrooms.

The sixth spotlight shows how contractors don’t lose usable room with SurePods. The unit walls are thin, yet durable and don’t cost valuable floor space.

The seventh spotlight reveals that the pods’ floor assemblies are thin enough that depression isn’t required and how our floor specs actually have tighter tolerances than the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates.

Have further questions about a topic we haven’t yet addressed in one of our Technical Spotlights? Contact us at [email protected].

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