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What Do Well-Designed Computer Systems And Modular Bathrooms Have In Common?

Most printers and other accessories for home computers today are called “plug and play.” As describes it, “the goal is to be able to just plug in a new device and immediately be able to use it, without complicated setup maneuvers.” Of course, there are printers like the brother mobile printer which can be used wirelessly, making things even easier. However, even those printers can be used with a USB and as such fall under the “plug and play” bracket as well.

When plug and play works as intended, it’s truly a boon to computer users, especially those who don’t have the inclination or time to search out and adjust numerous obscure hardware and software settings to make the device work.

With a well-designed computer system and printer, you plug the printer in, the computer finds it and connects to it, and you can print immediately. About all you have to do is load the printer with paper first.

Photo credit to Orlando Business Journal

The same is true of prefabricated modular bathroom pods. After connecting the pod to the building’s water supply, wastewater, electrical and HVAC systems, the bathroom is ready to use. With well-appointed modular bathrooms like SurePods, the contractor and building owner do not need to do anything else, as the bathrooms arrive on the job site with all fixtures installed and all finishes completed. When repairs are needed all the components will be known and the Https:// engineer can get straight to work. The mirrors and accessories are already hung on the wall, and bulbs are installed in the light fixtures. All that’s left to do is set out the soap and the toilet paper, as well as perhaps set up repair appointments for certain systems such as your HVAC. Some HVAC repair companies now use hvac scheduling software to ensure repair appointments are met.

To learn more about how “plug and play” pre-fab modular bathrooms can save you weeks of construction time in hotels, senior living and other multi-housing facilities, contact us at [email protected].


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