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When Modular Bathrooms Make Sense

There are a number of reasons why you might be considering prefab bathrooms for your next build. The pods save time, ensure a high level of quality, reduce labor resources and cut down on project rework in one of the most problem-prone areas in commercial builds. But, are prefab bathrooms the right choice for your project? Usually, for individual residential buildings, it’s a better idea to go for something like this kansas city bathroom remodel style, however for commercial buildings or blocks of housing pods can be a great space saver.

Modular bathrooms, like any other form of construction, are better suited for certain types of projects than others. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, no matter how many benefits a system provides. So, to help you determine whether modular bathrooms are the right choice for your build, start by asking these four questions. Keep in mind they are designed to serve as a starting point. Even if you answer yes to all the questions below, we still recommend early evaluation by the pod supplier during the pre-planning stage.

1. Is the bathroom count greater than 100?

In order to achieve economies of scale, commercial buildings with more than 100 bathrooms are prime candidates for prefab construction. For this reason, we often see bathroom pods in hotels, assisted living centers, multifamily developments, and student housing. If your project meets this bathroom count criterion and you are still unsure whether pods are the right approach, we can conduct a preliminary cost analysis run to validate the economic decision.

2. Do the bathrooms have a repetitive layout?

From an efficiency standpoint, buildings with a repetitive bathroom layout are ideal for prefab. Keep in mind, every single bathroom doesn’t need to be the same. But, it’s generally best to have no more than a handful of layouts per project. You need to think, are the bathrooms just going to have showers or are they going to have Anzzi baths too? What’s going to accommodate residents more. It’s also important to note that repetitive does not mean basic. At SurePods, we can design and customize the pods to nearly any finish level, from standard apartment bathrooms to luxury, five-star hotel bathrooms.

3. Is completion of the building on a fixed schedule important?

Prefab bathrooms are unique in that they are a known solution. The pods are pre-designed and agreed upon, and then built under controlled factory conditions to a high level of quality and efficiency. This means there are no weather delays, onsite rework or order changes pushing back deadlines. The pods arrive as expected, on-time and on budget, making them a great solution for projects with a fixed opening date. This is a key selling point for many of our projects, as we open them earlier than traditional construction, which means added revenue and reduced carrying costs for our clients.

4. Is skilled local labor expensive or unavailable?

If skilled local labor is expensive or unavailable, modular bathrooms are a real problem solver. A typical bathroom requires 10 or more construction trades, from electrical and plumbing all the way to finish workers. Taking construction off-site greatly simplifies these construction demands. For example, at SurePods, our skilled employees manufacturer and inspect each bathroom in a highly organized, controlled environment. This, in turn, eliminates more than 100-man hours on-site per pod. It also reduces cost overruns from project rework and streamlines jobsite coordinate to keep the overall project within budget.

If you think your project is a match for SurePods, let’s talk. We have an entire checklist of technical issues we review with the project team, which is derived from our extensive experience. To get started, contact us at [email protected].


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