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Why Pre-Fab – Faster Construction

A truly troubling line opens KPMG’s “Smart Construction” report: “Many construction projects have a reputation for being completed behind schedule and over budget.” Ouch! Faster construction methods are a burning need for the industry,

Such a negative reputation for the building industry should keep every AEC industry executive up at night. How long can firms that are consistently behind schedule and over budget stay in business? Think of a restaurant that regularly produces terrible food and has rude waiters – how many customers will tolerate that?

To survive – and even thrive – requires rethinking the essential ways you build. Put more bluntly, it’s innovate or die.

We have potential clients approaching us every day saying they’re in crisis mode on their projects. The problem? Not getting any bids for certain trades, which severely delays their projects. These forward-looking developers and contractors recognize that off-site and modular construction can help them overcome labor shortages and deliver projects on time.

As KPMG notes, offsite construction “offers a shortened and more reliable program,” with time savings of up to 6 months. This has been true for many of our clients, who have found that modular bathrooms can help shave between two to six months off construction schedules.

The developers approaching us know that bathrooms are ground zero for labor shortages and schedule delays. Building a typical bathroom requires 10 or more construction trades – including electrical, plumbing and finishing work ranging from dry wall and painting to mirror hanging. Because so many workers come and go in a small space, there’s a huge risk of damage to previously completed work. There are training courses available to combat confined spaces which could be extremely useful. To gain the skills and knowledge for this training you can view courses here and how it could be beneficial, especially when it comes to working in bathrooms. Bathroom rework accounts for about 60% of the punch-list in most hotel and multi-housing projects, and can cause weeks of schedule delays Modular bathroom construction eliminates that risk.

Want to build faster?

Contact us today to learn more about prefabricated bathrooms. We can help you build faster.Click Here


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